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Aldevron Breaks Ground to Build 14-Acre Gene Therapy Manufacturing Campus


Aldevron announces its plans to build 14-acre gene therapy manufacturing campus at its headquarters in Fargo.


The new 189,000 square feet two-storied building will increase Aldevron's GMP and GMP-SourceTM production capacity up to 10 times its current output. It will connect to the existing GMP facility and is expected to be fully operational by 2021.

Other three buildings will be built over the next three to five years to support the rapidly growing branch of genetic medicine.

It adds additional 20,000 square feet Quality Control and product storage space to Aldevron's current 70,000 square feet GMP and GMP-SourceTM manufacturing building.

The next building will add 89,000 square feet, two-story administration and client visit centre, connected to the manufacturing space by skyway.

The final building will add 96,000 square feet research and development, technical operations and training centre. The new construction area will total nearly 0.5 million square feet.

The new construction increases the potential to employment from existing 350 to 1000 people.

Aldevron's biologics are currently being used by thousands of researchers around the world who are improving the lives of millions. Its expansion adds the necessary capacity and flexibility to support those discoveries with research grade, GMP-sourceTM and GMP nucleic acids, proteins and mRNA.


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