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APC and VLE Therapeutics Invests US$108 million (€100 million) to Open Medicine Campus in Dublin, Ireland


APC and VLE Therapeutics are investing US$108 million (€100 million) for the groundbreaking expansion of medicine accelerator campus in Dublin, Ireland.


The 130,000 square-foot campus, now the largest R&D site in Ireland's biopharmaceutical sector and the extended headquarters for APC and VLE, will incorporate the most recent advancements in scientific research, AI, neural networks, and scientifically guided manufacturing processes.

The latest expansion will elevate competitiveness by intensifying the integration of leading-edge advancements in sustainability, artificial intelligence, and groundbreaking science. 

This initiative will empower the team to reimagine and revolutionise the development and manufacturing processes of medicine.

With the inclusion of 300 new positions, the collective workforce will exceed 600 individuals, comprising scientists, digital experts, and manufacturing professionals. This expansion solidifies the team's presence on the global stage.


Name     APC and VLE Therapeutics
Type       New Construction
Budget   US$108 million (€100 million)


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