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Ardena Plans to Expand in Sweden

Ardena plans for the expansion of Swedish site with an investment of US$38.07 million (€35 million).   

The current facility consisting of 1500 m2 will increase to an total area covering 4000 m2 for the addition of labs and office space.

The facility designed with new equipments at Södertälje, will support the production and manufcaturing of small molecules and help in building strong firm’s existing expertise in drug substance manufacturing.

The drug manufacturing facility increases its capacity with the addition of new production line, a large preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), a new lyophilisation unit and an large scale synthesis equipment. The additional capacity will increase the production speed to four times higher compared with current preparative HPLC.

Lyophilisation capacity consisting up to 55 liters for improved concentration and isolation of pure materials is expected to be operational in 2023. Moreover, Synthesis equipment ranging from 50 liters to 2300 liters scale will be upgraded with additional reactors.

GMP manufacturing capacity dedicated for substance services featuring stand-alone purification and lyophilisation capabilities will come to an end by 2023.


TypeNew Construction
BudgetUS$38.07 million (€35 million)
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