Astellas to Construct New Pharma Manufacturing Facility in Japan


Astellas Pharma has announced its plans to construct a new pharma manufacturing facility at an investment of around US$91 million.


The third fermentation building is being constructed for the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) of Prograf (tacrolimus hydrate) at the group's Toyama Technology Center in Japan.

The new facility will have three floors above the ground, with a total floor area of about 7,220m2.

Astellas wants to enhance its production capacity, enabling a stable supply of high-quality products in the future, taking into account the expected steady demand for Prograf.

Prograf has already contributed to medical transplantation globally as a first-line immunosuppressant for organ transplantation.

The drug was previously approved in Japan for rheumatoid arthritis, myasthenia gravis, ulcerative colitis, and lupus nephritis.

The construction of the facility will start in April 2020 and is anticipated to complete in August 2021.


Name Astellas Pharma
Type Construction
Budget US$91 million