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Bioanalytical Systems, Inc (BASi) Plans to Expand its GLP Toxicology Facility in Indiana


Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi) plans to break ground on the expansion of its GLP toxicology facility on its 52-acre campus in Mt. Vernon, Indiana, near Evansville.


The expansion of GLP toxicology will double the facility's current capacity for the development of protein-based therapeutics.

This upgrade, coupled with improvements allows adding the needed capacity to grow the business and meet the requirements of the clients.
The expansion would be helpful to contribute to the important advancements in research that drive the Pharma industry.

This expansion better positions BASi to support development of the most modern, targeted therapies for unmet needs in cancer and chronic degenerative diseases.

The company is in the planning phases for further expansion to meet the demands of the growing market.
The 25-acre campus is set to open by the end of 2019 and is expected to open in 2020.

The company anticipates an increase in capacity of up to 30% with the planned expansion and renovation on the 52-acre campus.

The company is improving environmental systems and infrastructure, and this further investment in expansion and upgrading facilities will allow serving the patients.

As part of the expansion, new workforce opportunities are expected to create while stabilizing current jobs.


Name Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi)
Type Expansion
Parties Involved Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi)
Schedule Scheduled to be operational in 2020