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Catalent Expands its Shiga Site


Catalent expands the services and capabilities to support clinical supply demand for cell and gene therapy development in Shiga, Japan.


This expansion focuses on enhancing capacity to effectively handle, store, and manage advanced therapies needed for clinical supply.

The Shiga site, spanning 6,000 square metres, will offer flexible clinical supply solutions, encompassing primary packaging services, Catalent's innovative FastChain® demand-led supply system, meticulous white glove handling, and robust logistics support.

This state-of-the-art expansion will incorporate cutting-edge facilities and services dedicated to uphold the utmost standards of product quality and integrity throughout the entire clinical trial phase. This comprehensive approach is specifically tailored to meet the distinctive and rigorous requirements associated with the development of cell and gene therapies.

One of the significant improvements involves the ability to store, kit, and distribute advanced therapies at ultra-low temperatures, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of clinical trials in this field.


Name  Catalent
Type    Expansion


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