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Chongqing Zhifei Invests US$13 milion (100 million RMB) to Open Innovative Product Incubation Centre in China


Chongqing Zhifei plans for the construction of new innovative product incubation centre.


The centre covering an area of 7,000 square metres aims to develop innovative vaccine technologies such as recombinant protein, recombinant adenovirus vector, outer membrane vesicles (OMV), and messenger RNA (mRNA) technologies.

The construction of the incubation centre will strengthen R&D capabilities, and facilitate the incubation of more innovative vaccine candidates.

The incubation centre will consist of several technology platforms, including:

Nucleic Acid Vaccine R&D Technology Platform: The platform will focus on the research and development of vaccines based on nucleic acid technologies.

Novel Antigen Screening and Synthesis Technology Platform: This platform will be dedicated to the screening and synthesis of novel antigens, which are essential components of vaccines.

Novel Adjuvant R&D Technology Platform: Adjuvants are substances that enhance the immune response to vaccines. This platform will focus on the research and development of novel adjuvants.

Vaccine Delivery System Technology Platform: This platform will explore advanced delivery systems for vaccines to enhance their effectiveness and targeted delivery.

Structure and Quality Technology Platform: This platform will focus on the analysis and evaluation of vaccine structure and quality to ensure safety and efficacy.

In the next 10 years, the new centre will develop 5-10 new vaccine candidates that will reach the clinical trial phase or the transformation phase. This will significantly improve the response capabilities to outbreaks of infectious diseases, contributing to the protection of human health.
It is expected to complete its construction and fully operational in April of this year.


Name      Chongqing Zhifei
Type      New Construction
Budget    US$ 13 million (100 million RMB)

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