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Chugai Pharmaceutical Invests US$0.35 billion (50 billion Yen) to Open New Manufacturing Facilities

Chugai Pharmaceutical has unveiled its plans to construct a new facility dedicated to the manufacturing of bioactive pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as well as an injection building.  The two facilities will be loacted in Japan. 

The newly constructed bio-API manufacturing building (UT3) will be specifically designed to facilitate the transition from clinical development to initial commercial production of bio-APIs (biologically active pharmaceutical ingredients).

Its primary purpose is to serve as a dedicated facility for middle to later-stage manufacturing of investigational drugs.

The new manufacturing facilities, UT3 and UTA, will play a significant role in promoting environmental burden reduction. These facilities will incorporate various environmentally friendly features, such as chlorofluorocarbon-free design and energy-saving technologies. 

The construction of the new bio-API manufacturing building (UK4) for early-stage clinical development and the existing facilities will create a comprehensive in-house supply foundation. This integrated approach can enhance operational efficiency, shorten lead times, and ensure a reliable and consistent supply of products throughout the development process.

In addition, digital infrastructure will be deployed in both buildings to support the new operations of the production function.


Name    Chugai Pharmaceutical
Type      New Construction
Budget  US$0.35 billion (50 Billion Yen)

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