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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Invests US$42 million to Open Research Pavilion in Avondale, USA


Cincinnati Children invests US$42 million to open new research pavilion. The site will become new home for several critical facilities, including the vaccine research center, a biobank, and a freezer archive.


The research centre will cover an extensive area of nearly 45,000 square feet. A significant addition to the research facility will contribute to the additional laboratory space. 

It is planned to be housed within a new three-storey building, with the top two levels dedicated to the centre. Level 2 will accommodate outpatient studies and offices, while Level 3 will house 16 beds for adult overnight studies.

State-of-the-art biobanking facility will bring improved operational efficiency and a higher capacity for processing biospecimens. This, in turn, will fuel research breakthroughs, leading to enhanced patient outcomes.

The advanced research pavilion is set to play a crucial role in advancing vaccine evaluation. Its state-of-the-art capabilities will substantially enhance the ability to assess future vaccines, and provide life-saving solutions to the global population.

The research centre will serve as the workplace for approximately 70 current employees, comprising physicians, research investigators, research nurses, coordinators, data managers, laboratory scientists, and investigational pharmacists.

The construction of the Winslow Research Pavilion is expected to commence in early 2024, aiming to complete by the middle to late stages of 2025.


Name  Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Type   New Construction
Budget US$42 million
Year   Late 2025

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