Datwyler Invests More Than US$100 million in Building New US Plant


Datwyler, the world’s largest pharmaceutical market plans to strengthen its position in the USA. The company invests more than US$100 million into building a new plant in the US state of Delaware.


The new US Plant will be used to manufacture high-quality elastomer components for injectable drug delivery system thereby expanding company’s production capacity. In addition, the new facility in the US will be built based on the most stringent quality standards.

The construction will start in the first half of 2018 and this new, highly automated facility in the USA will provide jobs for around 120 employees.

The new plant in the US helps to boost the company’s position in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market. The new plant is to be designed, built and run based on Datwyler’s latest ‘FirstLine’ standards.

This will make it possible to provide customers in the three key business regions of the USA, Europe and Asia with locally produced ‘FirstLine’ components in future.

The ‘FirstLine’ standards are built in accordance with a manufacturing concept for high-quality elastomer components that are based on automated production cells, ultra-modern clean room technology, fully automated camera inspection and a unique washing process.


Name Datwyler’s New US Plant
Location USA
Type New Construction
Estimated Cost US$100 million
Parties Involved Datwyler