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Eli Lilly to upgrade Brazil production site with 15 million real ($6.4 million)


US pharma major Eli Lilly's subsidiary in Brazil invests 15 million real (US$6.4 million) over the next two years to renew the packaging plant located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Expansion Strategy:
The site currently makes 10 million packages a year. The investment is set to boost production and improve quality addressing the local demand genearated by growing middle class.

2 of the 4 blister pack machines to be replaced with state of the art technology, optimising layout and improving control systems in other production lines.

The facility currently produces and packs Cialis, Evista, Prozac, Zyprexa. It also packages Cymbalta, Alimta, Gemzar.

The investment will allow the unit to design and pack the drugs Livalo and complete manufacturing Cialis Daily starting next year.

An estimated 15 million real ($6.4 million) will be spent during 2014-16 for upgrading the manufacturing facility.

Specifications Table:

  • Company Name
  • Eli Lilly
  • Location
  • Sco Paulo, Brazil
  • Estimated investment
  • 15 million real (USD 6.4 million)
  • Expansion Type
  • Technology Upgradation
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