Marker Therapeutics Plans to Construct New Manufacturing Facility in Texas


Marker Therapeutics plans to construct a new manufacturing facility to support clinical development of MultiTAA-Specific T cell therapy product candidates. The new location will be constructed at Houston, TX, nearby George Bush Intercontinental Airport.


The new facility is designed with sufficient space to undergo clinical manufacturing and quality functions covering an area of 48,500 feet.

The construction of new internal manufacturing capabilities provides the opportunity of conducting AML trials, and future hematological and solid tumor trials, as well as the potential commercialisation of products.

The manufacturing of MultiTAA-specific T cell therapy at the Baylor College of Medicine continues to support AML trials until the newly built in-house cGMP manufacturing facility is fully operational.

The new manufacturing facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 and fully operational in 2021.


Name Marker Therapeutics, Inc
Type New Construction
Year 2021
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