Merck to Invest US$118 million in New Gene Therapy Manufacturing Plant


Merck, with an investment of US$118 million (€100 million) plans to build a new gene therapy manufacturing capacity to double the size of the existing capacity. The new manufacturing site will be located in Carlsbad, California, USA.


This expansion is designed t0 produce large-scale commercial manufacturing of viral and gene therapy products.

The newly manufacturing facility with 140,000-square-foot will be utilised for the production of viral and gene therapies at the 1000-liter scale by using Mobius® single-use equipment.

This expansion enables gene therapies on a large scale and benefits the patients. Moreover, it will also add 11 suites, bringing the total to 27, which are used in various steps of manufacturing.

The new commercial facility which is likely to open next year will double the size of the existing facility.


Name Merck
Type Expansion
Budget US$118 million
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