Nanoform Announces Construction of GMP Manufacturing Plant to Provide API Solution


Nanoform announced the construction of a GMP manufacturing plant to provide API 'solution to particle' nanonisation for clinical trials.


The company has signed a nine-year contract to build the 600m2 facility at Cultivator II in Viikki Life Science Park, Helsinki.

The GMP manufacturing plant will accommodate a six-fold growth in capacity.

The new drug plant will also increase Nanoform's capability to handle potent APIs, expediting the route to clinical trials.

GMP Manufacturing plant is set to begin operation in 2019.

The facility will transform the way that nanoparticles are produced for therapeutic applications.

It can produce excipient-free nanoparticles below 200nm directly from solution and at scale, whilst controlling their physico-chemical attributes.

This offers significant advantage for our customer’s development molecules, enabling solutions to problematic compounds, transforming existing formulations and adding lifecycle protection to current pipeline drugs.

The GMP manufacturing facility exemplifies Nanoform’s rapid expansion as a company by enhancing treatments for patients across the globe.


Name Nanoform Finland
Type Construction
Parties Involved Nanoform Finland
Schedule Scheduled to begin in 2019