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Novo Nordisk Unveils Plans to Expand US$6 billion (INR 507 billion) Manufacturing Facilities in Denmark, Europe


Novo Nordisk invests US$6 biilion (INR 507 billion) to expand its existing manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Europe.


This expansion initiative will support both the present and forthcoming product lineup focusing on severe chronic diseases.

The investment seems to focus on enhancing capabilities across the entire global value chain of pharmaceuticals including activities from producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to the final packaging stage.

The new API facility will span an extensive 170,000 m2. Moreover, the new API facility is purposefully crafted as a versatile, multi-product centre, poised to seamlessly adapt to future processes. It will showcase cutting-edge technology and foster an exceptional working environment. 

The new API facility is being conceptualised as a versatile, multi-product space designed to accommodate both existing and prospective processes. The primary focus of this investment is directed towards augmenting API capacity. 

This construction aims to optimise the delivery of pharmaceuticals by emphasising efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Construction will commence gradually starting from the end of 2025, with completion anticipated by 2029.


Name    Novo Nordisk
Type      Expansion
Budget   US$6 billion (INR 507 billion)
Year       2029

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