SCHOTT Pharmaceutical to Construct New Packaging Facility in Germany


SCHOTT Pharmaceutical has unveiled its plans to build a new packaging plant in Müllheim, Germany.


The new production plant will cover an area of 11,000m². The building will include a logistics centre, a pilot centre for rapid prototyping, and development of innovations in packaging, and an integrated area to support administrative needs.

Besides, the latest cleanroom technology will be incorporated into the new production facility.
Schott’s new facility is being built to meet the highest standards. It will feature advanced production lines and automation technology across all operations, including injection molding, quality control, and sterile packaging.

This new facility is being built to meet the increasing demands for pre-fillable polymer strings for pre-fillable sterile polymer syringes used for intravenous therapies, emergency drugs, and highly viscous medications.

Construction of the facility is expected to be completed by 2022.


Name SCHOTT Pharmaceutical
Type Construction
Year Of Completion 2022