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Vertex Plans to Open New Clinical Manufacturing Facility

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated plans for the construction of new manufacturing facility. The site will be loacted at Boston Seaport, US.

The new state-of-the-art cell and genetic therapies research and clinical manufacturing site is laid with an area covering 344,000 square foot. This construction is developed in partnership with Related Beal, Boston Real Estate Inclusion Fund and Kavanagh Advisory group.

The facility features labs, offices and manufacturing capabilities dedicated for cell and genetic therapies research and clinical manufacturing thus supporting the fast growth.

After the completion, the two buildings Jeffrey Leiden Center for Cell and Genetic Therapies I (Leiden I) and Planned Leiden Center Expansion (20-22 Drydock Avenue) (Leiden II) will be known as Leiden Campus supporting various disease areas, spanning multiple modalities and helping the research and developement teams in bringing transformative therapies to patients.

The new manufacturing site is expected to create new job opportunities for additional 500 employees and begin its operations in 2025.


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