WACKER Announces Plans to Invest in Amsterdam Biotech Site


WACKER has recently announced investment plans for its production facilities of biologics, LMPs (live microbial products) and vaccines located at Amsterdam site, at a mid-double-digit million-euro amount.


The investment features construction of a new fermentation line with a volume of 1,500 liters and setting up of new cleanroom structures in the 270-liter fermentation line at the biotech site in Amsterdam. In addition, the existing clean rooms are successively re-equipped and renovated with state-of-the-art equipment.

After certain developments made at the new biotech site, the new 1,500-liter line will replace an existing line of the same volume capacity. Hence, with the introduction to new structures, new equipment and new fermentation lines makes the production facilities faster.

Another major improvement that is planned is the supply of new utilities, such as water for injection, which indeed will complement the plant for the production of new classes of actives, such as pDNA and mRNA-based vaccines.


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