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World's Largest CMDO to be Built in Pennsylvania


The Discovery Labs in association with Deerfield Management Company is building ‘The Center for Breakthrough Medicines’, the world's largest Cell and Gene Therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) at an investment of US$1.1 billion in Pennsylvania.


The new CDMO is built to improve the lack of capacity that is preventing patients from accessing critically needed cell and gene therapies.

This new facility will moreover occupy 40 per cent of the campus being created by The Discovery Labs.

In that space, CDMO will install preclinical through commercial manufacturing of cell and gene therapies and component raw materials.

Apart from this, it will offer a total of 86 plasmid, viral vector production, universal cell processing, CGMP testing, process development, and cell banking suites all under one roof.

The facility will provide instant capacity for accelerating the delivery and affordability of lifesaving and life-changing therapies from the bench to the patient's bedside.

Besides building the gene therapy manufacturing facility, The Discovery Labs is establishing the COLONY which will provide breakthrough funding, custom-built discovery labs, sponsored research agreements, housing and relocation for the world's leading iconic experts in cell and gene therapy.

THE COLONY will seek to work hand in hand with scientists from both pharma and academic institutions to unlock and accelerate groundbreaking therapies.


Name The Discovery Labs, Deerfield Management Company
Type Construction
Budget US$1.1 billion