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Alphamab Oncology Developed First-of-its-kind KN026 for the Treatment of Gastric Cancer

Alphamab Oncology had developed KN026, a first-of-its-kind HER2 bispecific antibody for the treatment of HER2-positive gastric cancer and gastroesophageal junction cancer. 

The unique characteristics of KN026, including its dual HER2 signal blockade and efficacy against medium or low HER2 expression and Trastuzumab-resistant cell lines, make it a promising therapeutic option. 

The ability of KN026 to demonstrate increased binding affinity and better tumour inhibition in HER2-positive tumour cell lines compared to Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab combination therapy further supports its potential as a groundbreaking treatment option. The inhibitory effect on tumour cells with medium or low HER2 expression and resistance to Trastuzumab expands the scope of patients who may benefit from this novel HER2 bispecific antibody.

Gastric cancer, especially HER2-positive gastric cancer, poses a substantial health burden globally, with China accounting for a significant portion of new cases and deaths. The overexpression of HER2 in a subset of gastric cancer patients is associated with aggressive tumour behaviour and poor prognosis, underscoring the importance of effective HER2-targeted therapies.

KN026 has received breakthrough treatment designation, leading to the initial anti-HER2 treatment for second-line gastric cancer, particularly in cases where HER2-targeted therapy has proven ineffective.

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