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Avenge Bio Introduced AVB-001, a Novel Cell Therapy

Avenge Bio has introduced AVB-001, a novel cell therapy leveraging the LOCOcyte™ immunotherapy platform.

AVB-001 is specifically designed for treating patients facing the challenges of relapsed resistant/refractory ovarian cancer. 

In a pioneering first-in-human phase 1/2 multicenter study (NCT05538624), the safety and effectiveness of AVB-001 are under evaluation. AVB-001 is an encapsulated cell product engineered to produce native human interleukin-2 (hIL-2), administered intraperitoneally (IP) to patients.

The LOCOcyte™ allogeneic cell-based immunotherapy platform offers the unique advantage of potent localised immune system modulation, leading to a systemic immune response that can address previously untreatable cancers. This technology capitalises on three distinct benefits:

  • Synthetically engineered allogeneic cells generate powerful immune effector molecules, providing a readily available therapy 

  • The therapy is localised near the primary tumour site, stimulating both innate and adaptive immune responses 

  • The immunomodulator trains the patient's immune system to mount a robust response, targeting and eliminating distant metastases without causing systemic toxicity.


Avenge Bio has been granted FDA fast track designation for AVB-001, an innovative cell therapy harnessing the power of the LOCOcyte™ immunotherapy platform.

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