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Benchling Announces Release of Its Molecular Biology 2.0 to Power High-Throughput Design for DNA, Proteins & CRISPR

Benchling, the next generation life science R&D software company announces the release of the first of its kind, Molecular Biology 2.0 system, which is an exceptional extension of its existing molecular biology suite.

It helps to power high-throughput sequence design for DNA, proteins, and CRISPR. Molecular Biology 2.0 incorporates batch sequence design, CRISPR design, and cloning software, as well as full-fledged protein design and alignment tools with the Benchling platform’s natively integrated bio registration system and lab notebook.

Molecular Biology 2.0 brings the unique biological contextualization afforded by the Benchling Bioregistry to high-throughput molecular biology work conducted by industry scientists.

Intelligent linkages between plasmids, protein sequences, and the parts they encode are possible with this biology suite. It also offers transformative functionality for many years of drug discovery such as gene therapy, immunotherapy, antibody discovery, and synthetic biology.

Antibody discovery process helps to create a plasmid encoding for a heavy chain and defining a field on that plasmid that links to a protein sequence for the heavy chain is also possible. It allows scientists to design sequences and Benchling has efficiently created the first ELN-based batch antibody engineering tool.

On the other hands, Molecular Biology 2.0 opens up unimagined possibilities for scientists. Benchling provides a unified cloud platform consisting of an electronic lab notebook, bioregistration and sample management system, a Besides Molecular Biology 2.0’s protein design and alignment, batch design and cloning tools, Benchling has also developed the first batch CRISPR design tool for enterprise use.

CRISPR design tool was co-developed with leading academic labs at MIT and Harvard and boasts speeds 100x faster than its leading competitor, batch CRISPR that empowers scientists to design guides and gather on-target and off-target scores for hundreds of genes simultaneously.

Exons for each gene would be automatically detected and conducts the full analysis in seconds. Benchling is already the de facto platform used by many of the most innovative CRISPR companies and teams around the world.

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