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Breakthrough Biology-Guided Radiotherapy* (BgRT) Discovered for the Treatment of Lung Tumors

RefleXion Medical, Inc discovered breakthrough biology-guided radiotherapy* (BgRT)for the treatment of lung cancer.

Biology-guided radiotherapy(BgRT), the first and only technology has the ability to detect and treat the circulating tumours producing active emissions from each tumour.

The technology works by injecting radiotracersin order to produce active signals, from each tumor known as emissions, to guide treatment delivery.

BgRTaims to expand treatment options for patients affected with all stages of cancer and improves patients outcomes with advanced disease.

Lung cancer is the most common cause for death accounting for 25 percent of all cancer related deaths in U.S. In addition, the most common metastatic tumors arising from cancers are seen in lungs.

Lung tumors are fast moving and patients having multiple tumors during the time of diagnosis restricts the use of standard radiation techniques in the lungs. Therefore, these limitations can be overcomed with biology-guided radiotherapy by providing cost-efficient, comprehensive and promising treatment for these common malignancies.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Breakthrough Device Designation for biology-guided radiotherapy* (BgRT) for the treatment of lung tumors.

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