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Indian Develops Breakthrough Medicine for Cancer Treatment

An Indian engineer has successfully developed tablets for effective treatment of cancer and skin ailments. Wedelia trilobata, which was developed through tissue culture, was found to have medicinal values.

A young engineer from Kadiyapulanka town in East Godavari region has conducted two projects one is a tablet made through tissue culture for treatment of cancer and second is to prevent skin rashes. Projects were tested in IIT Chennai Labs. The projects were ensured and prescribed for pharmaceutical labs by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER).

Two projects on tissue culture were acknowledged and evaluated by the University authorities and IIT-Chennai teachers. In his first project, Venkatesh created mass duplication of rhynacantus nusitus, an ailment safe and nuisance safe plant, which might be utilised for disease medicine through. The Cancer Institute later recognised that the concentrate of the plant is helpful for making Xeloda tablets, which can reinstate chemotheraphy for patients over 60 years.

In the second project, Venkatesh developed medicine for skin rashes. Wedelia trilobata, which was created through tissue society, was found to have medicinal qualities.

Prof. Justin Koirpillai of IIT-Chennai who assessed the undertaking said: "Wedelia trilobata proliferation is urgent in tissue society, and a gathering of understudies headed by Venkatesh Palla have demonstrated this through infinitesimal examination and discovered medicinal values in it."

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