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Evogene Developed Breakthrough ChemPass AI Tech-Engine for Target-Protein Discovery

Evogene has recently unveiled the revolutionary ChemPass AI Tech-Engine, featuring cutting-edge machine learning technology tailored for target-protein discovery.

The ChemPass AI Tech-Engine and the TargetSelector application would signify a significant advancement in the field of target-protein discovery and small molecule identification. 

By utilising machine learning and predictive biology, ChemPass AI appears to be a powerful platform that can efficiently analyse vast amounts of data to identify suitable target-proteins for new products.

The integration of TargetSelector further enhances this platform by streamlining the discovery process, reducing development time, and allocating resources more effectively. 

This combination of AI-driven technology has the potential to increase the likelihood of success in identifying optimal target-proteins and active molecules for various applications, revolutionising the discovery processes.

ChemPass AI boasts remarkable capabilities in swiftly evaluating an organism's proteome and analysing billions of potential candidates with exceptional speed and precision. As a result, the process of identifying promising target-proteins and lead molecules is significantly expedited, leading to a considerable reduction in the time required for discovery.

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