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Jacobio Pharma Introduces Novel KRAS G12C Inhibitor Glecirasib for Pancreatic Cancer

Jacobio Pharma has introduced an innovative in-house solution with the KRAS G12C inhibitor, Glecirasib, aimed at treating patients with pancreatic cancer.

Glecirasib is specifically designed for patients with pancreatic cancer who possess the KRAS G12C mutation and have experienced progression after undergoing standard frontline treatments. 

This groundbreaking inhibitor is currently being assessed in Phase I/II clinical trials across China, the United States, and Europe. These trials target individuals with advanced solid tumours that carry the KRAS G12C mutation. 

A pivotal clinical trial is also in progress, focusing on evaluating the effectiveness and safety of Glecirasib as a single-agent treatment for locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer in patients with the KRAS G12C mutation. 

This trial includes research in China for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) as well as studies involving monotherapy for STK11 co-mutated NSCLC in the front-line setting. Additionally, combination therapy trials involving the SHP2 inhibitor JAB-3312 in NSCLC and Cetuximab in colourectal cancer are being conducted.

Pancreatic cancer is known for its aggressive nature and limited treatment options. Currently, the five-year overall survival rate stands at a mere 5 percent.

Glecirasib, a KRAS G12C inhibitor, has secured breakthrough therapy designation from China Centre for Drug Evaluation (CDE) for pancreatic cancer treatment.

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