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New Simoa® phospho-Tau 181 (pTau-181) Blood Test Discovered for Alzheimer’s Disease

Quanterix Corporation discovers new Blood-Based pTau-181 Assay for Alzheimer’s Disease.  The Simoa® phospho-Tau 181 (pTau-181) blood test will be used for diagnostic evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

With the use of HD-X immunoassay system, the pTau-181 concentration in human serum and plasma with the help of blood-based assay. The test is applicable for adult patients with the age of 50 years and above 50 years with cognitive impairment assessed for AD. Moreover, for other causes of cognitive decline it is used as an diagnostic evaluation for AD. In order to obtain final clinical diagnosis, the assay will be interpreted along with other diagnostic tools.

This technology has the ability to detect low-abundance markers in a blood sample which unlocks the possibility of earlier, more accessible, non-invasive diagnosis of disease, including AD.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants breakthrough device designation for Blood-Based pTau-181 Assay for Alzheimer’s Disease.

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