Novel Plasma Technology Developed to Treat Multidrug Refractory Bacteria

Plasmology4® has developed a revolutionary, advanced, and specialised form of ‘non-thermal’ or ‘cold plasma’technology called ‘Plaz4®’.

Plasmology4® is harnessing the 4th state of matter i.e. plasma, to improve the quality of patients' lives worldwide. Plaz4 is designed to treat the multidrug-refractory bacterial and/or fungal pathogen bioburden in a wound bed.

Plaz4 has the potential to destroy microbial cells including bacteria, fungi, and multidrug-resistant pathogens without harming the skin and soft tissues and has manyhealthcare applications, including the prevention and treatment of infections.By combining high voltage electricity with a non-combustible gas, glowing gas plasma is generated and delivered to wound tissues where it destroys pathogens. Plaz4®, while highly energized,is completely cool to the touch and cannot heat up tissues.

Besides, the results from initial pre-clinical studies of the plasma technology have shown a considerable decrease in antibiotic-resistant bacteria (MRSA) in a single topical treatment.