Personalized Cancer Monitoring Technology Launched to Treat Cancer Patients

A Personalized Cancer Monitoring (PCM) technology designed for minimally invasive monitoring and recurrence surveillance for early-stage cancer has been launched by ArcherDX.

This new technology is designed to provide clinicians in a range of healthcare settings with access to important genomic information that can help them deliver care to patients both quickly and more cost-effectively.

It should particularly help community hospitals and laboratories for which this kind of data is typically unavailable.

ArcherDX has an ongoing collaboration with a research study being conducted by Cancer Research UK called Tracking Cancer Evolution through therapy (Rx), known as TRACERx.

Professor Charles Swanton, Group Leader, University College London (UCL), and the Francis Crick Institute and Dr. Christopher Abbosh, Principal Clinical Fellow at UCL, who are part of the investigation are using ArcherDX's technology to detect low-volume minimal residue disease at high levels of sensitivity.

Such information and advances in detecting and monitoring cancer will help TRACERx researchers reach the goal of a more personalized approach to develop cancer treatments.