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RefleXion Medical Developed First-of-its-Kind SCINTIX Biology-guided Radiotherapy

RefleXion Medical has achieved a significant milestone by successfully treating a patient using groundbreaking SCINTIX™ biology-guided radiotherapy.

SCINTIX therapy, a revolutionary radiopharmaceutical-directed treatment designed to address cancers at both early and advanced stages.

By introducing a radiopharmaceutical into the patient's system, SCINTIX therapy capitalises on emissions emanating from cancer cells. This ingenious method ensures a continuous, self-guided administration of radiation exclusively to the cancerous tissue.

The RefleXion® X1 integrated with SCINTIX stands as the exclusive globally available radiotherapy platform equipped with a dual-treatment modality. This exceptional system possesses the capacity to effectively address patients afflicted by solid tumours at various stages.

Specifically tailored for patients grappling with lung and bone tumours, which can stem from primary malignancies or metastatic growths originating from other parts of the body, SCINTIX biology-guided radiotherapy showcases its exceptional versatility.

Furthermore, this pivotal attribute concurrently illuminates all identified cancer targets throughout the body, an extraordinary feat during the treatment process.

The introduction of the first SCINTIX treatment marks a significant milestone for both medical professionals and patients, offering groundbreaking technology to effectively address the complexities of treating metastatic disease.

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