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SKYTROFA® (Lonapegsomatropin-tcgd), The First Therapy Discovered for Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency

Acendis Pharma discovered SKYTROFA (lonapegsomatropin-tcgd) for the treatment of pediatric growth hormone deficiency.

It is the only once-weekly treatment applicable for patients with one year of age and older weighing at least 11.5kg having lack of growth due to insufficient secretion of endogenous Growth Hormone (GH).

SKYTROFA® (lonapegsomatropin-tcgd) is a weekly once prodrug designed to deliver somatropin over a one-week period. It is a single-use, prefilled cartridges are presented in nine dosage strengths thus allowing convenient dosing flexibility.

SKYTROFA should not be used in patients with acute critical illness after undergoing open heart surgery, abdominal surgery or multiple accidental trauma. Moreover, there is an increased risk of malignancy progression in patients with active malignancy when treated with somatropin. It also decreases the insulin sensitivity usually at higher doses.

SKYTROFA is the only FDA approved weekly once treatment commercially available in U.S for the growth harmone deficiency.

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