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Syracuse University Discovered Breakthrough Peptide Therapy for Diabetes

Researchers at Syracuse University have discovered a groundbreaking diabetes treatment known as GEP44. 

This innovative peptide engages with various gut receptors, triggering the secretion of hormones with crucial roles in regulating blood sugar levels. These hormones work to normalise blood sugar, which is a fundamental aspect of managing diabetes.

Furthermore, GEP44 has a unique mechanism of action. It actively transports glucose into muscle cells, where it is efficiently utilised as a source of energy. Additionally, it has the remarkable ability to convert specific cells in the pancreas into insulin-producing cells, effectively replacing the ones damaged by diabetes.

An exceptional feature of GEP44 is its extended half-life, enabling it to be administered via injection once or twice a week, in stark contrast to the frequent daily injections required by many other diabetes treatments.

GEP44 has been associated with heightened energy expenditure, leading to increased physical activity, elevated heart rate, and enhanced body temperature. This could potentially offer a novel approach to combat the challenges of obesity often faced by individuals with diabetes.

Early research findings indicate that GEP44 could have uses extending beyond diabetes treatment. It has the potential to improve the side effects of chemotherapy, providing a new ray of hope for those battling with cancer.

Preliminary findings point to the potential superiority of GEP44 over existing therapeutics, primarily due to the absence of the adverse side effects commonly reported by patients using current medications.

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