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AB Sciex\'s breakthrough for therapeutic biologics with CESI-MS

AB Sciex LLC has introduced a groundbreaking technology solution, the CESI-MS that allows biopharmaceutical scientists to test efficacy, lessen the time to market new therapeutics and quickly detect potential issues.

CESI is a unique combination of Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and Electrospray Ionization (ESI) technologies to create an integrated workflow solution which is a fresh development of sorts in the current market.

The CESI-MS workflow has the industry's first commercial ultra low-flow separation and ESI module for biologics, with accurate mass instrument of high peformance,  ideal for biopharmaceutical development helping drug discovery. The CESI-MS solution is expected to help support the industry's next wave of blockbuster products.

With an approach that increases efficiency, the CESI 8000 system provides orthogonal and/or superior results compared to dual-method liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry-based approaches.  From a single digest and run, users of CESI-MS gain the following: (a) Identity and Purity information with 100 percent coverage in a peptide map; (b) Heterogeneity information with ultrasensitive glycopeptide quantitation; and (c) Stability information identifying, deamidation, cyclization and oxidation ? all highly important to biopharmaceutical scientists.

CE technology fits well into the workflows of biopharmaceutical companies for the characterization and quality control of therapeutic antibodies, providing fast and efficient separations of intact biologics, automating SDS-Gel, isoelectric focusing and glycan analysis.

CESI innovation technology delivered to biopharmaceutical laboratories improves biophysicochemical characterization guiding the biologics-based therapeutics.  CESI-MS helps improve ionization efficiency and reduce ion suppression.  AB Sciex delivers this advancement as a robust solution not requiring expertise in CE or MS.

Switching between LC-MS and CESI-MS has also been made simple, which will help facilitate adoption of CESI-MS technology.  The data that is generated on the CESI-based workflow is complementary to data from LC-MS/MS solutions.

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