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Destination India: Reconfiguring Gelatin Value Chain

Bovine Gelatin Industry Overview: The global gelatin production in 2013 was 310-320 thousand tons which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2-3% till 2016. Globally, 26% of gelatin is bovine bone based. The yield conversion factor from bovine bone chips to gelatin is 19%. Bovine bone chips are widely used to manufacture pharmaceutical gelatin since it is more preferred due to its encapsulation properties and higher bloom which are significant in manufacturing capsules especially hard gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industry. There is a preference of using limed bone chip in the United States and blended gelatin (blends of limed bone and pigskin or limed bone, pigskin and limed hide gelatin e.g.70-80% of bone gelatine and 20-30% of limed hide gelatine) in Europe. Demand for bone chips in the US has been increasing and is expected to increase in future too.

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