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Driving Transformation Through Integrated Multichannel Marketing


Over the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone a dramatic transformation, including LoE, R&D productivity challenges, regulatory hurdles, reimbursement pressures, and changes in the macro-economic environment.

“Implementing JIT labeling and packaging process effectively can potentially reduce clinical trials wastes in a range of 30- 50% depending upon some factors.”

A key trend sweeping the industry is the "evolving customer landscape," which is much less appreciated and acted upon by leaders and managers (Figure 1).

The evolving customer landscape spans multiple dimensions including (a) changes in the relative "voice" of traditional customer groups, and emergence of new customers – patients, physicians, payers, pharmacies, and policy makers; (b) changes in preferences vis-à-vis information consumption – push vs. pull; and (c) emergence of the role of communication technology, social media, and peer group effects in decision making.

The physician group, which has been the primary customer the industry traditionally focused its marketing and sales budget on, has started to respond to the changing market and social needs, leading to the need for transformational changes.

In summary, key client challenges include:

  • Reduced access to prescribers
  • Appearance of new prescribers and influencers
  • Significant increase in the number, and complexity of communication channels available to reach customers (web, social media, advocacy networks, etc.)
  • Economic and time pressures on customers driving demand for efficient and relevant communications
  • Customer expectations shifting from “good product” to “good service” (including product)

In order to successfully resolve these challenges, the pharmaceutical industry is actively experimenting with, and deploying new customer engagement models for physicians, patients, and other stakeholders. These models will not only take care of the changing customer preferences, but will also meet the regulatory mandates and cost sensitivities.

Indegene has been investing heavily in building a robust framework – Integrated Multi Channel Marketing (iMCM) to assist the industry through this transformation.

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