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How to Choose the Right Contract Manufacturing Organisation for Your Pharmaceutical Product: A Burrard Pharmaceuticals White Paper


Contract manufacturing can enhance the drug development process by creating effective processes, increasing manufacturing efficiencies, and reducing overhead costs. Selecting a CMO with two essential characteristics, capability and partnership-chemistry, is often difficult and challenging. This white paper contains an all-inclusive, ten-step guide for selecting the best CMO for all your product development needs.

The development of a new drug is a complex venture associated with in-depth analysis and difficult decisions prior to commercialization of the product. A lot of drug sponsors find themselves lacking experience, equipment, or both in development of their molecule.


As a viable solution, an increasing number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies are choosing to outsource many of their drug manufacturing needs. There has been a simultaneous growth in the biotechnology industry and emphasis on science-based technology. This has compelled the industry to create a variety of CMOs that offer competitive pricing and highly specialized services. Contract manufacturers range from large, international full-service organizations to small, niche organizations that specialize in certain developments.

CMO services can range from: pre-formulation, formulation, pre-clinical research, clinical research, method development, scale-up, and commercialization. You can partner with a contract manufacturer to help you with certain phases of the drug manufacturing process or throughout the entire development phrase. The choice of services you wish to use for the development of your molecule is entirely up to you.

Contract manufacturing can help enhance the drug development process by creating more efficient processes, increasing manufacturing efficiencies, and reducing overhead costs (CMO can save you costs anywhere from 30-35%). Other than through effective and efficient efforts, contract manufacturers can help validate and increase value of your product with their expertise. By delegating control and responsibility of a product to an organisation with experience and knowledge, you can save yourself time and unnecessary headaches.

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