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Understanding Single-pass Tangential Flow Filtration And The New Era Of Bioprocessing


Single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) technology from Pall Corporation is revolutionizing current and future bio processing platforms with its implementations in biotech, vaccine and plasma industries. Its features are protected by a portfolio of patents [1-6]. Common applications of the Cadence™ SPTFF technology extend to but are not limited to inline volume reduction and/or concentration, in-process dilution/de-salting, high concentration formulations, and processing of fragile molecules. In this context, SPTFF technology is not only an important addition to the process development tool-box for platform process evaluation but also a crucial enabler of integrated, streamlined and continuous bio processing initiatives.


Within the diverse filtration portfolio of Pall Life Sciences, this breakthrough technology is made available in a variety of building blocks that utilize different membrane types and configurations to provide a comprehensive solution package that will meet end-user’s processing needs and targets over wide range of applications.

For example, Cadence Inline Concentrator (ILC) modules are holder-less SPTFF devices equipped with a built-in fixed retentate restrictor, which greatly simplifies SPTFF process control and achieves high conversion separations with the simplicity of direct flow filtration. Adopting SPTFF at process development (PD), pilot, clinical and commercial manufacturing scales has major advantages over conventional approaches.

Some of key benefits include the provision of flexible manufacturing through process integration/coupling and continuous upstream and downstream processing, reduction of processing volumes, system sizing and facility footprint and leads to novel facility fit solutions and overcomes manufacturing bottlenecks, facilitation of disposable and/or single-use technology utilization and therefore, increases productivity and eliminates non-value added processing steps and improves workflow, achievement of  high product recoveries and increases yield through utilization of smaller, more compact systems, possibility of high concentration factors and processing of highly shear-sensitive products and lastly, the provision of major savings in capital expenditure, materials, labour and facility operating costs.



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