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Issue 18 | 2013

Issue 18


Open Innovative Partnerships

A working model for the future of drug discovery and development

The pharmaceutical industrys long successful strategy of placing big bets on a few molecules promoting them heavily and turning them into blockbusters worked well for many years but its Research and Development RD productivity has now plummeted and the environment is changing According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America PhR...

Innovative Partnership Model

Translating research into products and best practices for spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord Injury SCI is one of the greatest survivable catastrophes experienced by a human being Regardless of cause or age at injury SCI has a devastating impact on an injured persons health and wellbeing and far reaching consequences for individuals their families and the healthcare system There is cur

Success Factors for a Strong Drug Development Partnership

Clinical Research Organisations CROs and drug development sponsor organisations such as biopharmaceutical companies academic organisations and NonGovernmental Organisations NGOs have collaborated for more than years in an effort to enhance the clinical development process for new medi

Nanonization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

The comminution or desagglomeration of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API is called micronization Nanonization is a term for reducing particle size to the nanometer range and brings about several advantages It further increases the surface area of APIs which could result in enhanced solubility and drug bioavailability Reducing the particle size...

Strategic Partnerships and External Innovation

The last years have seen tremendous changes in the pharmaceutical industry The significant amount of public and private investment made into sequencing the genome have brought about some important medical and scientific advances However these advances have not resulted in

CHINA-PHARM 2013 Back to Shanghai

Opportunities lie ahead for the pharmaceutical industry

Coorganiszed by China Center for Pharmaceutical International Exchange and Messe Dsseldorf Shanghai Co Ltd China International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition hereinafter referred to as CHINAPHARM is an annual event held in Beijing and Shanghai alternatively Following last years success in

On the Partnering Path from the US to Asia

How far, how fast for university-industry collaborations?

Despite decades of success in bringing new medicines to market the industry comprised of Multinational Companies MNCs producing brand name biopharmaceuticals has been increasingly challenged since the turn of this century to maintain that level of success The challenges occur at every stage

The Role of ICH-E5

Enhancing product value and accelerating global drug development

The possibility that ethnic differences exist in different populations with regards to drug metabolism and distribution has been documented for many years These observed differences may be manifest in alterations in safety efficacy andor labeled dosages or in terms of adverse event profiles in patients residing in d

New FIPNET Paradigm

Powered by technology and innovation

As a critical effort that has been ongoing for the last several years the pharmaceutical industry continues to pursue transformational change in anticipation or in the shadow of lost blockbuster drug revenue due to patent expirations At the same time it is becoming increasingly difficult more complex and costly to bring new drugs to market The rati...

Reducing Uncertainty, Increasing Confidence

TSI Inc serves a global market by investigating identifying and solving issues that require quantitative measurement precisionsAs an industry leader in the design and production of precision measurement instruments TSI partners with research institutions and customers around the world to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol sci...

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