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Patient Recruitment and Retention

Creating Effective Strategies



Indian Pharma Companies Need Supply Chain Transformation

Unlocking growth

Indias pharmaceutical companies have a unique opportunity to lead global growth for years to come However there is a significant gap between the strategic vision and operational realities of the sector Firms are facing challenges on multiple fronts i..

Generics in Switzerland

The portrait

The article talks about the Swiss Generics market the penetration rate of generics in Switzerland why generics are a safe and smarter choice manufactured to modern standards with affordable prices and the threat of government forcing generic companie..

Plotting Efficient Paths for Clinical Development

Clinical development is a complex puzzle with elements such as geography regulatory requirements epidemiology technology and expertise all contributing to successfully bringing a product to market Development of TLC388 in Asia for the treatment of li..

Trends in Pharma Export Industry in India

The Indian pharmaceuticals market has become the largest exporter of medicines by volume India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally with the Indian generics accounting for 20 per cent of global exports in terms of volume In terms of mark..

Research & Development

Biologics and Biosimilars

Promising field for medicines for the future

With the early generation of biologics starting to lose patent protection the field of biosimilars too has been gaining attention Biosimilars are the generic version of a biologic drug developed for launch post the patent expiry of the original drug ..

Wearable Large Volume Drug Delivery Devices

Hold key to pharmaceutical lifecycle management, patient preference

Pharmaceutical companies racing to develop promising new biologic treatments are embracing disruptive drug delivery technology Patientfriendly wearable large volume injectors from Enable Injections make at home delivery of large volume 550ml viscous ..

Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment

An industry challenge

To address the challenges faced in patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials innovative technologies are being utilised in AsiaPacific as well as other regions to optimise the processes involved From patient matching to improving the conse..


Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging and Delivery