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Issue 29 | 2017

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Issue 29



Human-Centred Design in Biopharma

Need of the hour

If we hope to create something of lasting value we need to start with what people want not just with whats technically possible IDEO a global design firmInnovation and technology advancements play a key role in product design and development but it is imperative that companies bring in a humancentred approach The advent of new technologies suc...


The Human-Centred Biopharma Organisation

To maximise performance it is time to put the human in the centre of the complex multicultural and dispersed ecosystem of biopharma innovationThe Challenge of Sustainable Growth The Current ScenarioThe pharmaceutical industry has changed dramatically over the past years Despite a range of merger and acquisitions within large companies the...

Future Prospects of Biotherapeutics and Challenges

Biotherapeutics or biological products are generally produced using living cells or organisms recombinant DNA technology controlled gene expression and antibody technologies It may be manufactured using biotechnology derived from natural sources or produced synthetically Recombinant hormones vaccines monoclonal antibody based products growth factor...

Research & Development

Creating The Perfect Capsule

Choosing the right shell excipient for your formulation challenges

As the pharmaceutical market expands and new technologies and actives are adopted selecting the right excipient is essential to achieve optimum performance and functionality in pharmaceutical formulations and in particular in capsules todays consumer preferred dosage form The global markets for empty hard and soft capsules are expected to grow sign...

Merging Technology Transfer with Knowledge Translation

Academic to industrial research

The government and research academics are increasingly aware of the relevance of their result to the industrial sector The term knowledge translation was coined to represent proactive strategies to communicate research findings to those in a position to put the findings into practice As it happens in most cases the first consideration is given to m...

Clinical Trials

Wearables in Clinical Trials

Where we are & where we are going

With the demand for wearables and sensors in clinical trials on the rise pharmaceutical companies are increasingly faced with the challenges of both rising costs and market saturation of similar drugs and that is where Clinical Research Organisations CROs come into play From both a technology perspective and a processes perspective CROs can levera...

Low Rates of Stroke and Major Bleeding with Rivaroxaban Confirmed by Global Study

XANTUS pooled results study

Results of the pooled analysis of the global XANTUS realworld study programme were announced recently at the European Society of Cardiology ESC Congress in Barcelona Spain The study investigated the use of the nonvitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulant NOAC rivaroxaban for stroke prevention in patients with nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation AF irregu...

Patient Recruitment in Asia

Reducing the clinical burden

Today there are many innovative new approaches to patient recruitment and the number continues to grow The driver behind these innovations is the challenge that many western countries face in recruiting patients for participation in clinical studiesThe concept of patient recruitment is quite simple It involves recruiting the right patients at t...


The Rise in Sterile Manufacturing

A focus on containment

Containment is key during aseptic processing and this has led to the development of new transfer methods that are both enclosed and minimise the requirement for operator intervention In this article Christian Dunne global product manager of AseptiSafe at ChargePoint Technology discusses modern containment methods and the advent of split butterfly v...

Information Technology

Take a Pass on the 3pm Samples

Gone are the days when chemists would wait patiently for paper reports on their particular sample results to be sent to them The introduction of informatics technology brought with it results that can be delivered by email and uploaded through a central system or stored in the cloud so that they could be presented quickly and allow for timely decis...