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New Pharma Business Models

Regaining power



Treating Neglected Diseases

The Role of Orphan Drugs

The Institute for OneWorld Health has developed Paromomycin IM Injection to treat visceral leishmaniasis in India In the future similar models can be used to bring new drugs to the people suffering from neglected diseases in the developing countries..

Non-Clinical Drug Development in Asia

A literature review and landscape assessment

Contract Research Organisations CROs across service areas are proliferating globally yet most data on the CRO market focuses primarily on US and European clinical research activities The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development Tufts CSDD has c..

Pharma Outsourcing

Facing significant challenges

To respond to pressures like skyrocketing development costs uncertainty around regulatory and reimbursement patent cliffs generic erosion and a sluggish global economy biopharmaceutical companies have been changing the way they approach virtually eve..

Risk Management of Contamination

Prevention or cure?

Contamination remains one of the major dangers to the integrity of pharmaceutical products The risks associated with contamination are greatly increased through the current trends of reducing costs whilst increasing output Additional complications fr..

Research & Development

Developing New Vaccines

Developing New Vaccines

In theory there exist almost infinite number of potential vaccine platforms In addition for each such platform there are many different possible engineering that could lead to different vaccine properties So how these be compared The answer in part l..

Clinical Trials

Getting the Most from your Outsourcing Partner

Executing more cost effective and successful clinical trials

This article discusses globalisation trends outlines the benefits of strategic partnerships and outsourcing and shows how to overcome the challenges associated with clinical trial management on a global scale..


Improving Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Performance

Improving Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Performance

A fouryear research project began in 2002 to study pharmaceutical manufacturing and deviation management performance The analysis reveals five key outcomes that influence manufacturing performance..

Redesigning Drugs to Enhance Performance

When a compound progresses to a medicinal product the complexities of disease drug action and the diversity of patient response can mean that nuances of drug behaviour may not be fully evident However new insights may emerge on more widespread use Th..

Information Technology

IT Clouds in Life Sciences

Key to long term sustainability

Cloud solutions offer immediate returns in improving operational performance and reducing costs Multiple approaches to cloud solutions will be needed to satisfy life science industry needs complicating the development of a coherent cloud strategy..