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Issue 20 | 2014

Issue 20



Risk Management of Contamination

Prevention or cure?

These are very interesting exciting and challenging times in the world of pharmaceutical products companies and regulatory bodies There is a very valid argument that the pharmaceutical industry has some vital decisions to make regarding its future particularly with about outsourcing production and the introduction of new technologies Recent trends...

Pharma Outsourcing

Facing significant challenges

What are the drivers behind pharma outsourcing and how are they changingCurrently the pharmaceutical industry is facing some significant challenges The blockbuster era is over development costs are skyrocketing uncertainty around regulatory and reimbursement patent cliffs generic erosion and a sluggish global economy all have industry executives...

Non-Clinical Drug Development in Asia

A literature review and landscape assessment

Nonclinical development costs activities including drug discovery biology research chemistry research preclinical continues to account for a large percentage of overall drug Research and Development RD costs The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America PhRMA estimated that in US billion or per cent of overall RD costs are attributed t...

Treating Neglected Diseases

The Role of Orphan Drugs

At the Institute for OneWorld Health we are pioneering an innovative approach to developing the drugs most needed to treat neglected diseases in the newly industrialising and nonindustrialised worldOn August the Government of India approved our first drug Paromomycin IM Injection to provide a new treatment for visceral leishmaniasis Paromomyc...

Research & Development

Developing New Vaccines

Developing New Vaccines

Edward Jenners work in developing the worlds first smallpox vaccine in the s demonstrated that it was possible to protect the general population from major threats to public health and vaccine development aimed at combating the major concerns of the day has continued ever since There have been many successes and vaccines are now available to immuni...

Clinical Trials

Getting the Most from your Outsourcing Partner

Executing more cost effective and successful clinical trials

Multinational biopharmaceutical companies abandoned the practice of performing all of their Research Development RD functions in house years ago but the drivers behind the decision to outsource are changing While the need to reduce fixed costs remains a primary reason for big pharmas dependence on outsourcing partners a recent study found that imp...

Information Technology

IT Clouds in Life Sciences

Key to long term sustainability

Patent expirations and their associated loss of blockbuster revenues across the life science industry have forced companies to take a hard look at ways to improve operational efficiency As part of a deep introspection that has never before been considered companies are critically assessing which activities are truly core to the business and which a...