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Evolution of disease treatments



Competing on Alignment

SWOT is both the most powerful and least understood strategic management tool Used correctly it translates the outputs of many other market analyses into a small number of key issues..

Research & Development

Redesigning Drugs

For better performance

When a compound progresses to a medicinal product the complexities of disease drug action and the diversity of patient response can mean that nuances of drug behavior may not be fully evident However new insights may emerge on more widespread use T..

Future Trends in Ion Channel and Solute Transporter Drug Discovery

Gene family members of the ion channel and solute transporter SLC families represent both historical targets of pharmaceutical significance and serve as exciting opportunities for current and future therapeutic development The common property of ion ..


Innovation Challenges in Manufacturing

Most firms in the pharmaceutical industry think globally to expand demand for their products There are amenities from which firms leverage to launch a strategy to gain global market share These amenities include the regulatory dimension which helps r..

Modularisation in Biologics Manufacturing

Recent trends and developments

The inherent risk in establishing biopharmaceutical production product process timeline capacity regulatory and location can be significantly mitigated by using a modular and standardised approach Utilising a combination of standardisation modularisa..