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Modelling & Simulation in Drug Development




The right steps to successfully break into a new market

As the pharmaceutical industry squares off against the challenge of globalisation there is a greater need for content than ever Driven by forces from both the clinical and commercial sides pharmaceutical companies are experiencing rising costs and co..

Life Story

The idea of product life cycle is more useful that you realise

The idea of Product Life Cycle PLC is familiar to any experienced executive in pharma or medtech Its often assumed to be synonymous with line extension tactics such as reformulation or label extension that can be used to defend against metoos and gen..

Research & Development

Knowing vs Hunting for Targets

Selecting a target for settingup the drug discovery path is a tough decision and often this choice is based on borrowed and incomplete knowledge from the literature In many cases this has led to serious challenges in the late stages of clinical trial..

Single-Use Method Using Filter Aid Easy Removal of Midstream Cells

Discussing midstream as the gapfilling technology between up and downstream and alluvial filtration as the solution for efficient cell removal in just one step this article shows how efficiency in cell removal is increased in a singleuse format which..

Emerging Directions in R&D of Drug Discovery and Development

The patient specificity paradigm

Delivering patient relevant healthcare and patient centric drug discovery and innovation based approach globally is the new and emerging requirement It means the very starting material knowledge and data is to be connected with the patient and only p..

Mass Spectrometry in Research and Development of Protein Biologics

The soft ionisation revolution in mass spectrometry took place in last decade of 20th century After that mass spectrometry quickly rose to prominence in the life science laboratories The paradigm of the pharmaceutical RD has also changed over the sam..

Changing the Game in Drug Development

Modelling & Simulation

To improve the Return on Investment ROI for drug development the biopharmaceutical industry has investedin methods technologies and operational programs to reduce cost and improve efficiency Modelling and simulation lives at the intersection of biolo..

Clinical Trials

Use of Real World Evidence

Increasing throughout Asia

Real World Evidence RWE can be used to inform decisions throughout the life cycle of a drug from development through postapproval Across Asia many countries have begun incorporating real world evidence and while some are fast adopters in terms of RWE..


Cultural Excellence as the Foundation

For effectiveness of the quality system

In pharmaceutical companies it is universally understood that a robust Pharmaceutical Quality System PQS provides key elements of assurance and oversight for pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control laboratory processes However despite recent..

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Measuring texture in novel oral dosage forms

As the pharmaceutical industry embraces new delivery mechanisms to improve efficacy and patient compliance the author discusses how to develop novel oral dosage drugs that are robust during processing and throughout transport and storage yet easy to ..

Real-Time in- Line Monitoring

For high shear wet granulation

This article discusses why HSWG is important and the difficulties it poses for scaleup and monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry It also introduces the fundamentals of a drag force flow technique and how that can potentially address the limitatio..

A Novel Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pilot-Plant

Advanced model predictive control

Currently pharmaceutical industries are going under paradigm shift from traditional batch to novel continuous manufacturing Such a continuous plant has been built at CSOPS which is being adapted by several pharmaceutical companies Real time process c..