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Issue 28 | 2017

Issue 28



Modelling & Simulation in Drug Development

Modelling Simulation in Drug DevelopmentPharma companies look to improve experimental drug success rate and accelerate clinical development while striving to improve efficiency costeffectively It is imperative for companies to be cautious in decision making to increase the probability of commercial success for developing the drug Major pharmaceuti...


Life Story

The idea of product life cycle is more useful that you realise

Although its ancestral ideas can be traced back to the late th and early th centuries the concept of PLC as not at a strategic marketing tool is really the child of two later schools of thought Rogers famous Diffusion of Innovation concept with its ideas of innovators early adopter s and laggards showed how and why the adoption of innovative new pr...


The right steps to successfully break into a new market

Driving Forces for Globalisation As the pharmaceutical industry squares off against the challenge of globalisation there is a greater need for content than ever Driven by forces from both the clinical and commercial sides pharmaceutical companies are experiencing rising costs and competitionwhen conducting clinical trials and commercialising existi...

Research & Development

Changing the Game in Drug Development

Modelling & Simulation

As Sir Winston Churchill one famously stated Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat itThat statement certainly holds true for the drug development industry Researchers who cannot learn from a new drug candidates complete historyboth good and badwill not make the best most informed decisions about its futureKnowledg

Mass Spectrometry in Research and Development of Protein Biologics

The protein drugs constitute almost everything of the biopharma today This include signalling proteins eg insulin erythropoietin monoclonal antibodies eg Bevacizumab Rituximab that are used as drugs peptide drugs eg Liraglutide Icatibant antibodydrug conjugates eg Trastuzumab emtansine modern recombinant protein vaccines eg Tetanus toxoid etc The p...

Emerging Directions in R&D of Drug Discovery and Development

The patient specificity paradigm

Using stem cells as platforms for drug discovery not only allows us to recreate the microenvironment usually found inside the body but it also allows us to decipher the molecular intricacies that play an important role in the success of precision medicine and ways to further improve itTraditional drug discovery practice includes the early phase...

Single-Use Method Using Filter Aid Easy Removal of Midstream Cells

The removal of cells and cell debris takes place between fermentation upstream and product purification downstream and is referred to as midstream The midstream process very often involves a combination of several operation units A highly efficient method for this is alluvial filtration cake filtration and can be done with FILTRODISC BIO SDCont...

Knowing vs Hunting for Targets

It is common knowledge that drug discovery is a tough business to be in and requires constant questioning as well as refining of ongoing strategies In this game the early days were rewarding for those employing the classical approaches that rely upon identifying the target and building a programme around these wellestablished targets to produce nov...

Clinical Trials

Use of Real World Evidence

Increasing throughout Asia

True experiments such as randomised controlled trials RCTthe gold standard when it comes to the approval of pharmaceuticals are often criticised as being unrealistic The results of these trials do not always generalise well and may not be applicable in the real world The use of real world data and real world evidence to supplement RCTs may be one s...


A Novel Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pilot-Plant

Advanced model predictive control

Continuous Manufacturing CM is evolving into a preferred platform for pharmaceutical products involving solid dosage forms The US Food and Drug Administration FDA has recently approved some pharmaceutical products to be manufactured in continuous line with several others on the way Therefore the pharmaceutical industry is going through a paradigm s...

Real-Time in- Line Monitoring

For high shear wet granulation

High Shear Wet Granulation HSWG a critical step in many applications in the pharmaceutical industry transforms fine powder blends into more freeflowing granules optimised for solid dosage form production Manufacturers rely extensively RealTime inLine Monitoring For high shear wet granulation on granulation as it can enhance blend uniformity minimis...

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Measuring texture in novel oral dosage forms

Oral drug delivery is one of the most convenient and most common methods of delivering medication Its simplicity and costeffectiveness have made it particularly popular with manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry but it is not always the most popular with consumersThe trouble with tabletsTraditionally orallyadministered drugs are disp...

Cultural Excellence as the Foundation

For effectiveness of the quality system

In pharmaceutical companies it is universally understood that a robust Pharmaceutical Quality System PQS provides key elements of assurance and oversight for pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control laboratory processes It ensures that patients are provided with medications that are safe effective and reliably produced at a high level of qu...