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Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance



Sustainable Antibiotics

Evolving pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure effectiveness

Principles of product stewardship have to be applied to make sure that from production through to use and disposal along the entire supply and value chain antibiotics are not just delivering positive direct benefits to patients but deliver positive b..

Prospects for Personalised Medicines in the Asia-Pacific Region

Personalised Medicine PM also called precision medicine targets the therapeutic component of the treatment regime based on the diagnostic test characteristics typically including genetic profiling of the individual patient rather than populationbased..

Microfluidic Organs-on-a-Chip

The patent landscape

Organsonachip are research tools that offer an alternative to the costly and time consuming use of clinical trials used in drug development This article will discuss patents covering organsonachip in particular those that contain multiple cells or t..

Regulatory Considerations for Forced Degradation Studies to Assess the Stability of Drugs

Quality safety and effectiveness are the most important attributes of drugs and pharmaceuticals The ICH issued the guidelines on pharmaceuticals stability The present article focuses main regulatory considerations for the stability of drugs including..

What are the 10 Hot Topics in Pharmaceutical Operational Excellence for 2015?

Status Quo Analysis from an Operations Management Perspective

The following article presents an overview on the 10 hot topics in regards to pharmaceutical manufacturing This analysis is based on research work of StGallen Operational Excellence OPEX team from the University of StGallen Perhaps not surprisingly o..

The Lasting Advantage

A transforming market quickly renders existing assets and capabilities obsolete In a life sciences market where technology customers and competitors are evolving organisational learning is the only lasting advantage What organisational learning is wh..

Research & Development

Enabling the Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs via Drug-Polymer Solid Dispersions

Amorphous Solid Dispersions ASDs are a preferred technology for improving solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs Spraydrying and hotmelt extrusion are the most common ASD production methods and polymerdrug interactions play a role in ..


Antibody Drug Conjugates in Reducing Disease Burden

Immense Promise with Some Challenges

Antibody Drug Conjugates provide a high level of promise and hence there will be a conscious effort to expand the applications of this technology to disease indications beyond oncology provide a high level of promise and hence there will be a conscio..