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Reviving Pharma Productivity

Pharma industry has witnessed a staggering decline in RD productivity and is now a major cause of concern for the industry players This decline contributed to a downfall in the return on investments over the last two decades Interestingly there has been a trend reversal with increase in clinical trial success rate and drug development during Incre...


Failing Data Integrity Audit is not an Option

Asias pharmaceutical manufacturers have seen huge growth in recent years India for example is now the worlds third largest supplier of generic drugs by volume while its domestic market is expected to grow at per cent to per cent CAGR to reach US to US billion in the next decade according to PwC India currently supplies per cent of overthecounte...

China Biopharma

Is a Wave of GMP Exports in Our Future?

Its been a long road beginning with Chinas opendoor policies in the s and membership in the WTO in but Chinas recent and rapid expansion into hightech biopharma manufacturing suggests a future that will involve exports of biologics to Western markets Even before it became the worlds source of toys and electronics China had been animportant exporte...

Research & Development

Research and Development of Medical Countermeasures in Asia for Pandemic and Bioterror Threats

Beginning in the mids incidents involving easily we aponised and accessible agents such as anthrax a commonly occurring bacterium and sarin a chemical toxin from a commonly used family of pesticides demonstrated the growing threat of Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear CBRN agents as weapons for bioterror attacks At the same time there was...

Reviving Pharma R&D Productivity with New Modalities

Over the past decade a plethora of comments have highlighted a decline in Pharma RD productivity Several causes have been claimed including tighter regulation leading to even higher attrition as well as increasing costs Another explanation has been that the biological targets against which drugs are designed have become more challenging In other wo...


Responding to the Needs of an Evolving Industry

In todays competitive healthcare market pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers rely on partners with a deep understanding of not only the industrys challenges and requirements but also of its opportunities and promise for growth The pharma market is everevolving and everchanging Companies have the responsibility to provide the appropriate answers...

The Impact of Implementing Safety Features in Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling

Every year over millions of dollars are being spent to develop drugs that not only provide the required patient treatment but are also safe for human consumption in a set of forms With huge investments putin at the stage of manufacturing are companies set to take up equivalent responsibility in following safety standards while marketing them Severa...

Pharmaceuticals are in Good Hands with Turkish Cargo

As Turkish Cargo we have been awarded with IATAs Center of Excellence for Independent Validators CEIV in Pharmaceutical Logistics at our Istanbul hub With this strength we aim to offer our customers the most reliable means of transport As an air freighter speed of delivery wide network and safety are some aspects of our efficiency When it comes to...

Continuous Manufacturing

Are we there yet?

In US FDA issued guidance document PAT A Framework for Innovative Pharmaceutical Development Manufacturing and Quality Assurance To encourage the pharmaceutical industry to adopt novel manufacturing methods it cited industry resistance as follows the pharmaceutical industry generally has been hesitant to introduce innovative systems into the manu...

Added Costs for Added Protections

The impact of implementing safety features in pharmaceutical packaging and labelling

The global pharmaceutical market is a complex and dynamic industry that is continuously evolving in response to a variety of market influencers The landscape of the pharmaceutical market has changed significantly with the rise of generic drugs and the rapid expansion of mergers and acquisitions Many companies are reevaluating the location of their...

Expert Talk


What do you think are currently the landmark achievements in pharmacogenomicsIn his State of the Union address US President Barack Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative Its to enable a new era of medicine through research technology and policies that empower patients researchers and providers to work together toward development of...

The Asian Healthcare Market

Rapid growth and accompanying increasing regulations lead to the need for serialisation

Can you briefly inform us what your company does and what its service portfolio offersVetter is an independent globally operating Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation CDMO As a solution provider to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry we specialise in the development aseptic manufacturing and final packaging of prefilled syri...

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