Issue 23 | 2015
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Feb 2016

Mylan NV to Acquire Swedish Drug-maker Meda for $7.2 Billion

Netherlandsbased pharmaceutical company Mylan NV has informed of its imminent acquisition of Swedish brand Meda in a billion cashandstock deal after having made two previous unsuccessful attempts of taking over the company Mylans endeavors to procure Perrigo another rival company proved ..


Feb 2016

Qualicaps® Acquires Genix Industria Farmaceutica Ltda., Brazil’s Leading Hard Capsule Manufacturer

Qualicaps has acquired Genix Industria Farmaceutica Ltda Brazils leading twopiece hard capsule manufacturer with operations located in the pharmaceutical hub of Goais and commercial activities managed from Sao Paulo Qualicaps is a global manufacturer of a complete assortment of twopiece hard capsules and related pharmaceutical processing equipment..


Feb 2016

Hikma cuts offer for Boehringer's U.S. generic drug unit

Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc almost halved the cash portion of its offer for Boehringer Ingelheims US generic drugs business on Wednesday after further due diligence revealed that the units revenue would be lower than expected Higherthanexpected rebates to drug wholesalers and an unforeseen rise in raw material costs co..


Feb 2016

Imprimis Pharma to make cheaper alternative to Retrophin's Thiola

Compounding pharmacy Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Wednesday it plans to make a cheaper alternative to Retrophin Incs kidney stone drug Thiola Retrophin under former Chief Executive Martin Shkreli raised the price of the drug from to per tablet after buying the rights from Mission Pharmacal Co in Imprimis sa..

events

09 - 12

Feb 2016

CIS Pharmaceutical Forum

Adam Smith Conferences
Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow

10 - 12

Feb 2016

4th Annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit

World Congress
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown


Feb 2016


knowledge bank

  • interviews

    ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

    Vice President - Business Development
    ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies’ protein expression system ExpreS2 is an important protein expression tool in the scientist’s tool box for protein expression. The ExpreS2 platform has demonstrated i..

  • Articles

    Better ways to handle tablets using IBCs

    Still handling tablets in drums It is common to find Intermediate Bulk Containers IBCs being used for handling powders and granules in solid dosage manufacturing processes from initial Dispensing through to Tablet Compression or Capsule Filling The benefits of using IBCs for efficient and flexible materials handling at this stage of the process are widely appreciated and applied in modern facilit..

  • Research Insights

    Utilization of an Eilat Virus-Based Chimera for Serological Detection of Chikungunya Infection

    Abstract In December of chikungunya virus CHIKV an alphavirus in the family Togaviridae was introduced to the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean resulting in the first autochthonous cases reported in the Americas As of January local and imported CHIKV has been reported in American countries with over million suspected cases CHIKV causes a severe arthralgic disease for which there are no approved vaccines or therapeutics Furthermore the ..

editorial Section

  • Strategy


    The bioprinting of tissues and organs has been big news recently However the patenting of bioprinting techniques has quietly been going on for years This article will discuss the patents covering the three process phases of bioprinting the exceptions to patent infringement for experimental uses and the prospects for further patenting and patent infringement lawsuits..

  • Research Developement

    Rethinking Drug Discovery

    The quest to undertake biological targets that are based on the regulation of signalling pathways is challenging the classical thinking in the drug discovery arena Historically the complexity of the biological system was underestimated It is now wellaccepted that compared to old biological targets that were focused on single gene or gene products we need to undertake targets that are derived from complex and dynamic signaling pathways..

  • Clinical Trails

    Issues & Concerns in Conducting Clinical Trials in India

    Issues like approval delays deficiencies of functioning of CROs and other stake holders liabilities and compensation to injured subjects insurance issues etc still remain in India which has made multinational companies to rethink on opting for India to conduct clinical trials in India recently There is a need for a law to ensure that the people who undergo clinical trials are not exploited and should be well informed about risk as well to provide..

  • Manufacturing

    Validation Projects in China

    This article is a firsthand account of the experiences of Pharmadule in guiding leading Chinese manufacturers through facility investment projects aimed at compliance with Chinese US and EU GMP requirements These manufacturers have been among the first in the world to fully embrace the work procedures outlined in ICH Q Q and Q Implementing these guidelines in large organisations would be a challenge with any global market but it turns out that the Chinese market offers both advantages and cultur..

  • Information Technology

    Quality by Design

    The article presents a novel approach to applying Quality by Design QbD principles to the development of analytical methods Common critical parameters in HPLC gradient time temperature pH of the aqueous eluent and stationary phase are evaluated within the Quality by Design framework It is useful for the robust analytical method development and Design Space optimisation..

  • Expert Talk

    Peptides Remain a Growth Story

    Cloud solutions offer immediate returns in improving operational performance and reducing costs Multiple approaches to cloud solutions will be needed to satisfy life science industry needs complicating the development of a coherent cloud strategy..