Issue 24 | 2016
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Oct 2016

GSK files potential $1 billion shingles vaccine for U.S. approval

GlaxoSmithKline has filed its shingles vaccine Shingrix for US regulatory approval the drugmaker said on Monday bringing the potential billionayear seller a step closer to market Shingrix is viewed by analysts as among the British companys most promising experimental products since it ha..


Oct 2016

Herantis Pharma plc and Renishaw plc sign collaboration agreement on Parkinson’s study

Herantis Pharma plc and Renishaw plc have signed a collaboration agreement related to the first clinical study of CDNF in Parkinsons disease Under the agreement the Drug Delivery System developed by Renishaw will be used for the clinical administration of CDNF Herantis and Renishaw will jointly contribute to funding of the clinical study and both c..


Oct 2016

FDA approves Merck's lung cancer drug as first-line treatment

Merck Co Inc on Monday said the US Food and Drug Administration has approved its immunotherapy Keytruda for use in certain previously untreated lung cancer patients making it the only approved firstline treatment The drug has been approved for treating metastatic nonsmall cell lung cancer NSCLC patients with highleve..


Oct 2016

Oasmia Pharmaceutical buys cancer project from Karo Pharma

Oasmia Pharmaceutical and Karo Pharma have entered into an agreement concerning Karo Pharmas cancer project KB which has shown promising results in preclinical models for a number of different types of cancer Oasmia acquires the project and strengthens its oncology project portfolio Karo Pharma receives newly issued..

events

26 - 27

Oct 2016

Exploratory Clinical Development World Europe 2016

Health Network Communications Ltd
Hotel Palace - Berlin

26 - 27

Oct 2016

BioData World Congress 2016

Health Network Communications Ltd
Wellcome Genome Campus - Cambridge


Oct 2016


knowledge bank

  • interviews

    Datwyler Pharma Packaging

    Senior Manager Global Scientific Affairs
    Renaud Janssen, Ph.D. is the Senior Manager of Global Scientific Affairs at Datwyler Pharma Packaging. He frequently presents on international conferences on subjects related to elastomeric and aluminium/plastic closures for pharm..

  • Articles

    When Orphan Drugs Make All the Difference

    Orphan drugs those medications that are typically produced in small quantities for limited patient populations are growing in importance worldwide Once largely considered too costly to produce given the limited number of patients affected by a particular disease new technology and new breakthroughs in biopharma have changed the landscape allowing more orphan drugs to be produced than ever before t..

editorial Section

  • Competing on Alignment

    SWOT is both the most powerful and least understood strategic management tool Used correctly it translates the outputs of many other market analyses into a small number of key issues..

  • Future Trends in Ion Channel and Solute Transporter Drug Discovery

    Gene family members of the ion channel and solute transporter SLC families represent both historical targets of pharmaceutical significance and serve as exciting opportunities for current and future therapeutic development The common property of ion movement for many of the SLCs lends itself to considering platforms used in ion channel research to enable early drug discovery In addition the convergence of advances in both genetic analysis and assay technology bodes well for the identification of the next generation of ion channel and transporterbased drugs in the near future..

  • Issues & Concerns in Conducting Clinical Trials in India

    Issues like approval delays deficiencies of functioning of CROs and other stake holders liabilities and compensation to injured subjects insurance issues etc still remain in India which has made multinational companies to rethink on opting for India to conduct clinical trials in India recently There is a need for a law to ensure that the people who undergo clinical trials are not exploited and should be well informed about risk as well to provide..

  • Innovation Challenges in Manufacturing

    Most firms in the pharmaceutical industry think globally to expand demand for their products There are amenities from which firms leverage to launch a strategy to gain global market share These amenities include the regulatory dimension which helps reassign resources within and outside the firm..

  • Quality by Design

    The article presents a novel approach to applying Quality by Design QbD principles to the development of analytical methods Common critical parameters in HPLC gradient time temperature pH of the aqueous eluent and stationary phase are evaluated within the Quality by Design framework It is useful for the robust analytical method development and Design Space optimisation..

  • Peptides Remain a Growth Story

    Cloud solutions offer immediate returns in improving operational performance and reducing costs Multiple approaches to cloud solutions will be needed to satisfy life science industry needs complicating the development of a coherent cloud strategy..