Issue 26
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Apr 2017

Bausch + Lomb Receives 510(k) Clearance From FDA For Vitesse™, The First And Only Hypersonic, Open-Port Vitrectomy System

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Incs wholly owned subsidiary Bausch Lomb today announced it has received k clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration FDA for Vitesse the first and only hypersonic device for vitreous removal which uses a novel singleneedle design and a continuously openport…


Apr 2017

Heptares Collaboration With AstraZeneca Yields New Insights to Advance Drug Discovery in Pain, Cancer and Inflammation

Heptares Therapeutics Heptares the whollyowned subsidiary of Sosei Group Corporation TSE Mothers Index describes new insights for drug discovery from the first resolved highresolution Xray crystal structures of the ProteaseActivated Receptor PAR in complex with antagonist molecules The research which reports on findings from PAR…


Apr 2017

The Medicines Company and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Announce Agreement with FDA on Phase III Clinical Program for Inclisiran

The Medicines Company and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inctoday announced that The Medicines Company has agreed with the US Food and Drug Administration FDA on plans for the Phase III clinical program for inclisiran which is designed to support the submission of a New Drug Application NDA…

press releases


Apr 2017

Impax Announces FDA Approval and Launch of a Generic Version of Vytorin® (Ezetimibe/Simvastatin Tablets)

Impax Laboratories Inc a specialty pharmaceutical company today announced it has received final US Food and Drug Administration FDA approval for a generic version of Vytorin ezetimibesimvastatin tablets and mg…


Apr 2017

FDA Clears Flex Pharma's FLX-787 to Commence US Phase 2 Trial in ALS Under IND

Flex Pharma Inc focused on developing treatments for cramps and spasms associated with the severe neurological diseases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS multiple sclerosis MS and peripheral neuropathies such as…


Apr 2017

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Announces the Launch of Ezetimibe and Simvastatin Tablets in the U.S. Market

Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd announced today that it has launched Ezetimibe and Simvastatin Tablets mg mg mg mg mg mg and mg mg a therapeutic equivalent generic version of Vytorin…

Events


Apr 2017

6th Annual Global Pharma Regulatory Summit 2017

UBM India Pvt Ltd
The Westin, Mumbai


Apr 2017

2nd Healthcare Asia Pacific Summit 2017

Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview


  • 3

    Parenteral Preparations

    INTRODUCTION Parenteral preparations are defined as solutions suspensionsemulsions for injection or infusion powders for injection or infusion gels for injecti..

Knowledge Bank

  • Interviews

    Datwyler Pharma Packaging

    Senior Manager Global Scientific Affairs
    Renaud Janssen PhD is the Senior Manager of Global Scientific Affairs at Datwyler Pharma Packaging He frequently presents on international conferences on subjects related to elastomeric and aluminiumplastic closures for pharmaceutical applications Re..

  • Articles

    Nanotechnology-based Inhalation Treatment for Lung Cancer

    The lungs are the primary organ of the respiratory system The respiratory system works with the circulatory system to deliver oxygen from the lungs to the cells and remove carbon dioxide and return it to the lungs to be exhaled Respiration means exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air blood and body…

  • Techno Trends

    Anticancer Drugs Breakthrough to Revolutionize New Medications

    A breakthrough has been discovered by an international group of computer scientists Researchers have developed a Generative Adversarial Autoencoders AAE for generating novel molecular finger prints with a defined set of parameters A layer AAE architecture with the latent middle layer serving as a discriminator was developed As an input and output the AAE uses a vector of binary fingerprints…

Editorial Section

  • Strategy

    Generics in Switzerland

    The article talks about the Swiss Generics market the penetration rate of generics in Switzerland why generics are a safe and smarter choice manufactured to modern standards with affordable prices and the threat of government forcing generic companies to benchmark…

  • Research development

    Biologics and Biosimilars

    With the early generation of biologics starting to lose patent protection the field of biosimilars too has been gaining attention Biosimilars are the generic version of a biologic drug developed for launch post the patent expiry of the original drug…

  • Clinical Trails

    Patient Recruitment

    To address the challenges faced in patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials innovative technologies are being utilised in AsiaPacific as well as other regions to optimise the processes involved From patient matching to improving the consent process technology has…

  • Expert Talk

    Biologics’ Drug Delivery Systems

    In this interview Peter Soelkner of Vetter discusses drug delivery trends for biologics and in particular prefilled syringes He offers insight into the advantages and challenges of this system for biologics important issues to consider…