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Gearing up for Post-Blockbuster Era

The cover story of this issue by Brian D Smith from PragMedic UK provides an insightful analysis of six great shifts transforming the pharma industry The article covers shifts in value network and information globally along with the systemic shift an..



The patent landscape

The bioprinting of tissues and organs has been big news recently However the patenting of bioprinting techniques has quietly been going on for years This article will discuss the patents covering the three process phases of bioprinting the exceptions..

Creating and Sustaining Cultural Change by Focusing on Operational Excellence

Although highly standardised programmes of Operational Excellence OPEX have been implemented in almost every globally operating pharmaceutical company the success of OPEX initiatives differs considerably This article presents based on the StGallen OP..

The Six Great Shifts

Transforming the pharma industry

Anyone involved with the life sciences sector can see how changes in technology demographics and health economics are driving the industry But these are merely symptoms beneath them lie six great shifts that are transforming the industry and determi..

Research & Development

Rethinking Drug Discovery

The quest to undertake biological targets that are based on the regulation of signalling pathways is challenging the classical thinking in the drug discovery arena Historically the complexity of the biological system was underestimated It is now well..


Validation Projects in China

This article is a firsthand account of the experiences of Pharmadule in guiding leading Chinese manufacturers through facility investment projects aimed at compliance with Chinese US and EU GMP requirements These manufacturers have been among the fir..

Information Technology

Quality by Design

A rapid and systemic approach for pharmaceutical analysis

The article presents a novel approach to applying Quality by Design QbD principles to the development of analytical methods Common critical parameters in HPLC gradient time temperature pH of the aqueous eluent and stationary phase are evaluated wit..

Expert Talk

Peptides Remain a Growth Story

Bachem\\\'s strategic refocus

Cloud solutions offer immediate returns in improving operational performance and reducing costs Multiple approaches to cloud solutions will be needed to satisfy life science industry needs complicating the development of a coherent cloud strategy..