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Issue 19 | 2013

Issue 19



Risk Management of Contamination

Prevention or cure?

These are very interesting exciting and challenging times in the world of pharmaceutical products companies and regulatory bodies There is a very valid argument that the pharmaceutical industry has some vital decisions to make regarding its future particularly with about outsourcing production and the introduction of new technologies Recent trends...

Whither Pharma

Possible challenges

To predict the future of pharma we need a powerful tool and fortunately in evolutionary theory we have what philosopher Daniel Dennett called the best idea ever First used to understand the complexity of life evolution is now used by management scientists to explain and predict many other complex adaptive systems including whole industries Evolutio...

Regulation of Nanomedicines

Possible challenges

Nanomedicines refer to drugs medical devices and health products developed using nanotechnology with the aim of diagnosing monitoring and treating diseases at the molecular level Nanomedicines can be used to achieve the same therapeutic effect at smaller doses than their conventional counterparts due to t

Reorganising for the Future

Succeeding in the new pharmaceutical industry

The old pharmaceutical industry is dead the one that was a fully integrated behemoth with a RD and commercial operation regularly launching blockbuster drugs for diseases that affects millions of people The era of the mad men in marketing and sales strategizing with ad agencies on positioning brand

Clinical Trials

Getting the Most from your Outsourcing Partner

Executing more cost effective and successful clinical trials

Multinational biopharmaceutical companies abandoned the practice of performing all of their Research Development RD functions in house years ago but the drivers behind the decision to outsource are changing While the need to reduce fixed costs remains a primary reason for big pharmas dependence on outsourcing partners a recent study found that imp...


Modularisation in Biologics Manufacturing

Recent trends and developments

Design construction and installation of complete modular production facilities for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals have in recent years been widely accepted According to Gilroy and Martini modular construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility refers to construction of all or part of a new or renovated facility built at a remote loc...

Flexible BioPharmaceutical Production Solutions

As with all technologies today the advancements within the life sciences industry are accelerating beyond what any of us have experienced in the past Every facet of our industry from early drug discovery and development through human trials and commercial manufacturing are evolving at a rate that was unthinkable a decade ago What was considered cut...