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Drug Contamination

A serious threat



Reorganising for the Future

Succeeding in the new pharmaceutical industry

To survive nay thrive in the new market pharmaceutical companies will have to fundamentally reorganise their entire business model All things that were traditionally considered sacrosanct RD model organisational design pricing models and the much vau..

Regulation of Nanomedicines

Possible challenges

Regulation of nanomedicines is a challenge due to the lack of extensive scientific advancements nonavailability of expertise easily and customised detection tools and techniques in the field..

Whither Pharma

Possible challenges

The pharmaceutical industry is a complex adaptive system whose past is explained and future predicted by evolutionary science New research into this area predicts the speciation of pharma business models For industry CEOs this implies difficult choic..

Risk Management of Contamination

Prevention or cure?

Contamination remains one of the major dangers to the integrity of pharmaceutical products The risks associated with contamination are greatly increased through the current trends of reducing costs whilst increasing output Additional complications fr..

Clinical Trials

Getting the Most from your Outsourcing Partner

Executing more cost effective and successful clinical trials

This article discusses globalisation trends outlines the benefits of strategic partnerships and outsourcing and shows how to overcome the challenges associated with clinical trial management on a global scale..


Flexible BioPharmaceutical Production Solutions

The article will identify the challenges to getting a new biomanufacturing facility through design construction and startup in a timely mannerBalancing the financial risks of committing to a capital project too early with those associated with not ge..

Modularisation in Biologics Manufacturing

Recent trends and developments

The inherent risk in establishing Biopharmaceutical production product process timeline capacity regulatory and location can be significantly mitigated by using a modular and standardised approach Utilising a combination of standardisation modularisa..