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Issue 50 | 2023

Issue 50



Pharma R&D

A post-pandemic renaissance

Welcome to the th edition of Pharma Focus Asia Magazine


The Glocalisation Choice

Your first, most fundamental glocalisation decision is where to focus

In the first article in this series I began from the premise that as soon as any life sciences firm moves significantly outside its home market it faces the glocalisation challenge the dilemma between global opportunities and local needs


How Indian Generic Pharma can use forecasting to ace the game?

Generic and innovator pharmaceutical companies have stark differences such as times resources and costs allocated to launch products

Research & Development

Real-World Evidence and the Drug Development Process

Dealing with ‘Pipeline Vision’

Drug development today is a risky and expensive business Drug discovery and development exhibits a per cent failure rate that as a process can take between years and whose average cost is US billionnewly approved drug

Precision Medicine Needs Precision Drugs

Precision medicine relies on tailoring disease prevention and treatment according to differences in peoples genes environments and lifestyles aiming to target the right treatments to the right patients at the right time

Growing Complex Injectable Portfolio in the Indian Generic Industries

The Indian pharmaceutical industry was incepted as an APIbulk drug manufacturers which slowly diversified into fillfinish dosage form and witnessed an exponential growth in this sector for the last two decades


Leveraging model-based pharmacology for cost-effective drug discovery and development

For many of us in pharma and biotech RD trained as academic scientists having timelines associated with drug discovery and development projects can feel both unintuitive and bizarre at times


Cancer is a deadly disease featured by unchecked cell growth and the potential to spread to different body parts

Clinical Trials

Novel Approaches in Early Phase Oncology Trials to Revolutionise Cancer Care

The pursuit for effective treatment modalities for cancer rides on sustained efforts with catalysed adoption of technological advancements that surpass traditional paradigms

Reinventing Patient Recruitment

Achieving accelerated clinical endpoints through a revolutionary patient recruitment model

It is widely recognised that clinical trial success is dependent on patient recruitment

Information Technology


How you and your teams can digitally innovate successfully in the Pharma ecosystem

Data is the new oil or so they say However your ability to extract the oil and to ensure its quality are only two of the elements you need to create digitally innovative solutions

Demystifying the Potential Applications of Blockchain Technology in Pharma and Biopharma Industry

A bird’s eye view

This groundbreaking technology has enormous applications in almost every walk of life and it is not surprising that the healthcare industry being a highasset and knowledgeintensive industry is amongst the top few sectors to experience its great potential and benefits


Controlling nitrosamines impurities in pharmaceutical products

Nitrosamines are known environmental contaminants found in water and foods but have recently been identified in multiple drug products